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November 12, 2013
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The Tenth by LauraKjoge(By LauraKjoge ) ALLONS-Y! 10 days till the 50th and 10 more tributes to goAllons-y by Invincible3713 ( by Invincible3713 )

David Tennant's Doctor was a cheerful, charismatic and enthusiastic bloke who has a sense of fury for justice! There's an awful a lot of running with this incarnation, if you're his companions then you must be a good runner! He was also haunted by loss of companions and old enemies. Dalek on a Mission 

Bullet; BlueHello! Oka — [gulp, nauseated expression] New teeth. That's weird. So where was I? Oh, that's right — Barcelona!  Bullet; BlueOh Yes!  

Bullet; BlueThink you've seen it all? Think again. Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me... nothing will ever be the same again!  Bullet; BlueSomething in the air. Something's coming. A storm's approaching...  

Bullet; BlueCrossing into established events is strictly forbidden. Except for cheap tricks.  

Bullet; BlueI'm old enough to know that a longer life isn't always a better one. In the end, you just get tired; tired of the struggle, tired of losing everyone that matters to you, tired of watching everything you love turn to dust. If you live long enough, Lazarus, the only certainty left is that you'll end up alone.  

Bullet; BluePeople don't understand time. It's not what you think it is. … People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect... but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff.
Allons-y! by weallscream4icecream  Dr. Who: Tenth Doctor (Commission) by Comedic44  Sonic-ing by Mad-Hattie  Doctor Who by Mad-Hattie  Doctor Who  - David Tennant by caldwellart  The Time Lord by alicexz  Watching Everything Turn to Dust by PadfootBrush  Suit and trainers -10th- by tibots  He Burns At the Centre of Time by AmethystDragon3  David Tennant, Dr. Who by Cynthia-Blair  The Tenth Doctor by jonpinto  Anaglyph glasses are cool by Dreki-K  Don't mess with the Doctor by Dreki-K  Ten(nant) by Goldfhie  The Tenth (version 2) by Jessica17  I am the Doctor by Nuindaeiel  Doctor Who- The 10th Doctor by scotty309  10 X 10 by ThatPeskyNargle  Adorable Ten by FTS-Moriarty  The Doctor and the Fireflies by capefoxalix  Tenth Doctor by Isara-La  The Clever One by musicfreak312  Commission: Allons-y! by kleineHerz  Mr Ten by tommydew  :thumb325927217:  Tenth Doctor by MistressAinley  The Doctah by Savanahcat  The 10th Doctor - David Tennant by The-Art-of-Ravenwolf  Doctor Who by Frodos  10th doctor by nightwing1975  Doctor WHO 10 by GilJimbo  Ten by WryFighter  Doctor Who by Asta-Asta  RUN by Mad42Sam  D. Tennant - The Doctor by uwardnas  10 by ScarletsWord  House of TARDIS tenth Doctor fashion tips by Penguins-in-Cravats  So many faces by Koenigskupfer  House of TARDIS - flying the flag by Penguins-in-Cravats  Doctor Who: The Factory by OrneryJen  The 10th Doctor by Futurenoir  <da:thumb id="364593613"/>  The Doctor by The-Enemy77  Tea party with Timelords by jay252525  A Lot of Running by jessehbechtold  I'm the doctor by SevBD The Doctor and the Giant by pai-draws  10 color by RidelWhoodles 5 by Ridel  10th Doctor_Hope Parody Poster by bluepen731    Tenth Doctor by CarniviusDW - WOT by FerioWind  David Tennant by andepoul  DW - the loneliest by FerioWind  Doctor Who: The Forgotten 2 by CharlieKirchoff  The 10th Doctor :: Kiriban by JinxedJinx  console by Draculasaurus  Doctor Who Bust by SkinnyElbows  Standing Defiant Against Tides by frasierdalek  The 10th Doctor by Timedancer Tenth Doctor by KiloWhat  Arresting Yourself by NovaMirage  10th Doctor: Watercolor by ElijahVD  David Tennant Allons-y! by StewNor  Doctor Ten and the Clockwork A by ONTV  Doctor Who-Monster + Aliens by caldwellart    The Sports Car of Time Travel by naturalshocks  DW.DT:'Well...'Final by HgwrtsExchngeStdnt  Blink by Asiulus  
I'M BEATING OUT A SAMBA by claudetc  Casual Prydonian Wear by Girl-on-the-Moon  10th of Hearts by Winter-artwork  Doctor Who 10 by Mad42Sam  DW10 by Mad42Sam  Void Stuff by naturalshocks  10th by Mad42Sam  

Doomsday by missmuffin90  Army of Ghosts by girlinterruptedbyart   Drink with companion by jay252525  Time Between Us by sorryeyescansee  Until the End of Time by sorryeyescansee  DW: The Way Our Stories End by Before-I-Sleep  my plus one by sophalis  Dr Who: Black Death White Life by CharlieKirchoff  <da:thumb id="348785801"/>  Doctor Who Companions + Allies by caldwellart  Martha Jones Doesn't Look At Explosions by onegemini  martha jones, the soldier by majigoma  Mad Martha. by Girl-on-the-Moon <da:thumb id="141841644"/>  Doctor Who - Donna Noble bug by strawberrygina  Always Be Waiting by JNapier99  better with two by greyfinCommission- Martha+Jack+Doc by echidnite The DoctorDonna by echidnite  The DoctorDonna - comic by polvoice  Allons-y by MeganLara  Sunshine! by JNapier99  <da:thumb id="287000166"/>  The Tenth Doctor by killashandra-falta  

The sonic screwdriver:

Doctor Who  -  The Doctor by caldwellart "It's a sonic screwdriver, doesn't kill, doesn't wound but very good a opening doors!" - 10thSonic Screwdriver- Eccelston-Tennant Era by Neshikuro

First Adventure/after regeneration/ Series/sets:
Fanmade Campfire Trail -link- by CreativeCatFX  The Bitter Pill by naturalshocks  Doctor Who - Sad Truth by squidney27  in her best light by greyfin  Doctor Who - The Specials by caldwellart Steampunk Doctor coloured by mrozna


Doctor Who - The David Tennant Years by TardisTailz700 ( byTardisTailz700 )  BRILLIANT COLORS! by ElectroCereal (by ElectroCereal )

Spiky hair, geeky glasses, brown coat and that suit n' tie! David's Doctor was stuck in bed in his first Christmas morning while the Sycorax was holding 1/3 world population as ransom... But over a cup of tea and a sword fight, the trouble makers were sent on their way. He fought against demons and would-be gods, along side old friends and Dear o' Sarah Jane Smith with k-9 as well as with Martha Jones. ;)
But,he didn't run further than he wanted... hence the quote:"I don't want to go!"

credits goes to:
Bullet; BlueAsta-Asta Bullet; BlueMad42Sam Bullet; Blueuwardnas Bullet; Bluemissmuffin90 Bullet; BlueScarletsWord Bullet; BluePenguins-in-Cravats Bullet; BlueKoenigskupfer  Bullet; Blue girlinterruptedbyart  Bullet; BlueOrneryJen  Bullet; BlueFuturenoir  Bullet; Bluejaymyccah  Bullet; BlueThe-Enemy77 Bullet; Bluejay252525 Bullet; Bluejessehbechtold  Bullet; BlueSevBD  Bullet; Bluepai-draws Bullet; BlueRidel  Bullet; Bluesorryeyescansee Bullet; Bluebluepen731  Bullet; Bluemangalex712  Bullet; BlueBefore-I-Sleep  Bullet; BlueCarnivius  Bullet; Bluesophalis Bullet; BlueCharlieKirchoff Bullet; BlueFerioWind Bullet; Blueandepoul Bullet; BlueJinxedJinx Bullet; BlueCreativeCatFX Bullet; Blue Draculasaurus Bullet; BlueSkinnyElbows Bullet; Bluefrasierdalek Bullet; BlueTimedancer  Bullet; Blue nightwing1975 Bullet; BlueKiloWhat  Bullet; Bluerohrmuller  Bullet; Bluenaturalshocks  Bullet; BlueNovaMirage Bullet; BlueElijahVD Bullet; Bluesquidney27  Bullet; Blue StewNor  Bullet; Bluecaldwellart Bullet; Blueonegemini  Bullet; Bluemajigoma  Bullet; BlueGirl-on-the-Moon  Bullet; BlueMarkSatchwill  Bullet; Bluestrawberrygina  Bullet; BlueONTV  Bullet; Bluegreyfin  Bullet; Bluemangalex712  Bullet; Bluenaturalshocks  Bullet; BlueHgwrtsExchngeStdnt  Bullet; BlueJNapier99  Bullet; BlueAsiulus  Bullet; Blueclaudetc  Bullet; Blueechidnite  Bullet; Bluemrozna  Bullet; Bluepolvoice  Bullet; BlueNeshikuro  Bullet; BlueWinter-artwork  Bullet; BlueMeganLara Bullet; BlueMad42Sam  Bullet; Bluewhofee1  Bullet; Bluekillashandra-falta  Bullet; Blue 


David Tennant by iamsamm1222 (BY iamsamm1222 )

I am a dummy! 
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